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At first we have to explain what is CCCAM ? cccam is a server that works to share encrypted channels from one person to more than one person at the same time.

Anyone who subscribes to encrypted channels can share their subscription information with a group of other people so everyone can view the encrypted channels.

What do I need to run the CCCAM server?
Internet should be provided, and it is important to have stability in the service, preferably the speed is relatively good so as not to occur slow when watching channels or cuts and impact on the quality of viewing, although it does not require high-speed Internet as IPTV.
You also need a receiver that supports the Internet service, either via Wi-Fi or via a satellite card, there are a lot of devices that operate Syscam cccam, if your channel signal receiver supports the Internet know that you can operate cccam easily .
You should have a pickup signal (dish dish_ dish) preferably a large size to be able to pick up a lot of satellites.
How to run CCCAM Server:
All you have to do is take the host link, port number, username and password below.

Connect the receiver to the Internet

You place the title.

Then put the port (port), and put the name and password that you got from the site and start cccam work.


port: 10000

 user pass

F: 5o8e9m
F: 6ma4en
F: 293svs
F: q9vfm6
F: bxg1on
F: ny2kyd
F: upe3m8
F: lel8wj
F: h7pn4p
F: vwnpye
F: erj2rw
F: gja17w
F: e2ry02
F: 3vau0e
F: xtp1wl
F: bpytha
F: kb0lf3
F: l82bk5
F: hvu02a
F: 6unmsn
F: qj88u5
F: t6ngk5
F: 1w0y8y
F: rl74ia
F: nebjph
F: bjfw5u
F: ky5xdn
F: mqvwsn
F: tnj66i
F: jh226v
F: dfh833
F: hwkp31
F: 0wrslk
F: qfn76v
F: whm79r
F: c29iee
F: wrt4gw
F: 9sfnqm
F: gjr6eg
F: 77ybor
F: 303qvx
F: hq1sqm
F: 0lw5j5
F: 2dn4y5
F: 99bdc0
F: y3t9cc
F: jm34ot
F: wicw9i
F: 64do7c
F: 71fecd

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